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2178 I am unable to use the FTP and email option. When using "test" I get the message Test Failed!! Error:
2177 What ports do I need to open in my router or firewall to view the camera from a remote location?
2176 Can I use KView with a Mac?
2175 How can I configure my IPC1000W(I) through the web-based configuration?
2174 What is the default IP address of my IPC1000W(I)?
2173 How do I setup motion detected recording?
2172 How do I upgrade the firmware of my camera?
2171 How do I connect my IPC1000W(I) to my wireless network?
2170 How do I configure my camera to email snapshots?
2169 How do I configure my camera to upload snapshots to an FTP server?
2168 How do I view the IPC1000W(I)�s image using the KView software?
2167 Which web browsers will allow me to view the video from a IPC1000W(I)?
2166 What operating systems are supported with KView software?
2165 How do I reset my IPC1000W(I) back to factory defaults?
2164 What do the LED�s on the front of the camera represent?
2163 How do I set a password on my IPC1000W(I) and create user accounts?
2162 Does the IPC1000W(I) support Dynamic DNS and what are the uses of it?
2161 How can I view the IPC1000W(I) remotely if it�s behind a router?