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Support scope

KEEBOX support is limited to basic functionality and operation of KEEBOX hardware. This includes the following.

  • Installation of KEEBOX hardware in the fashion it was intended to operate.
  • Verification of hardware and driver installation.
  • Verification of basic hardware functionality and connectivity.
  • Basic configuration of hardware.
  • Print server support covers a single printer and computer to verify hardware functionality.
  • Linux, UNIX and Netware operating systems are not supported.
  • Macintosh support is limited to TCP/IP only.
  • VPN issues are not supported. Please contact the VPN solution provider for assistance.

Refund Policy

KEEBOX does not offer refunds under any circumstances. Please contact the place of purchase for information regarding their return or refund policy.

KEEBOX is not responsible for any fees or penalties imposed by the place of purchase’s return or refund policies.