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About Us
Our Company

KEEBOX is a California company founded by industry veterans with the goal of delivering the highest quality networking products at a reasonable price. KEEBOX leadership draws from over 100 years of experience to bring compelling networking hardware solutions to market. The company aims to reduce costs wherever possible in order to pass savings on to the consumer. KEEBOX networking hardware solutions target consumer, home office, and small and medium size business markets.

Environmental Position

KEEBOX is committed to developing innovative energy efficient products that use fewer resources and exceed global environmental standards. KEEBOX products are smaller, more energy efficient, and use fewer raw materials to produce. KEEBOX packaging is 20% smaller than those of comparable competitive products and at least 50% of each product package is made from recycled materials. KEEBOX products simply use less energy both to produce and while in use. Select a smaller carbon footprint, select KEEBOX. 

Product Quality

KEEBOX‘s award winning products bringing your digital home or small office to life. The broadband Internet is becoming the primary conduit for people to communicate and be entertained. With billions of devices to connect worldwide, everything from computers to phones to Internet cameras are becoming part of the network. Whether stored locally or streamed from the Internet, digital content now needs to be available anywhere in the home on any device at any time. KEEBOX networks allow you to seamlessly talk Online, share files, exchange photos, play games and communicate with other networked devices, all at the same time. Easy to use and reliable, KEEBOX allows you to stay connected and share what you value most.